Life is
full of

and with the pregnancy process, which is the first of these miracles, we became became a big family with expectant mothers. And
we have turned into a very beautiful platform where knowledge, love, happiness, sadness and life are shared…

We wanted the expectant mothers to reach the correct and reliable information, no matter where they live and under what conditions, so that they do not feel alone or helpless and
May you be happy in this most special time of your life.

We achieved all these good wishes with the Elika Pregnancy application, which is the first step of Elika. We have gone far beyond an application that expectant mothers download to their phones and we have become a big family. We saw how precious what we shared with our expectant mothers for 40 weeks, and we wanted to touch the lives of our women who embraced their miracles in the same way.

Because every woman, every mother; should reach the right information when it is needed.

Now, we meet our beautiful babies, whom we work with to be born healthy, together with many experts for their spiritual and physical development; We are expanding our Elika Bebek application.

Our aim is again; health, happiness, love, accurate and accessible information…

We made a promise that everything you need will be in Elika when you set off. We listened to our mothers and never put their wishes aside. In this process, for the baby and the mother; We have seen how necessary an easy, accessible and secure online shopping is. And today, we brought our mothers together with Elika Store, where they can find the best quality and affordable products for their beautiful babies.

Today, the Elika family stands with women, babies and fathers with its three members.

Do you want to be a part of this big family too?